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Whatever your role, be it groom, bride, parents, best-man or best-woman, making your speech is a very important part of the wedding day

The trick is to make the speech personal and unique, while at the same time taking the pressure off yourself

Using a combination of photos and music in a pre-prepared presentation provides the guests with a wonderful experience and allows you to relax and enjoy the moment

Often using photos that you already have, the presentation can be a rolling collection set to a chosen song or perhaps a photo-story based on particular lyrics

How It Works

Initial discussion to determine general requirement and provide price quote

Price and delivery timescale agreed

Kick-off meeting to agree an outline of your presentation – theme and music choices

Photos supplied to enable draft presentation to be prepared

Draft presentation produced for your approval

Final presentation supplied as link to MP4 file

Things To Remember

  • You will need an appropriate laptop, tablet or phone, with compatible speakers, projector and screen or large screen television to show your presentation. Very often the wedding reception venue will have these facilities available, but please check with them as early as possible. If not, talk to us we may be able to help
  • Please note that should you plan to be making your speech outside in natural daylight you will need to have specialised visual and audio equipment available
  • Included in our pricing is the nominal cost of purchasing the track you wish to use, however, you will need to check that your venue has a licence to play music so that copyright laws are not be infringed – it is highly unlikely that they won’t have such a licence. It works in the same way as your wedding DJ is covered to play music using the venue’s licence


Play Video

Overdose Of Joy

Play Video

You Make Me Feel So Young

Play Video

I Feel Good

  • The above videos are short 20-30 second extracts so as to conform to copyright laws
  • We have also produced example wedding photo presentations for several famous couples. Please request access to these via the Contact Page and we will send you a link


  • Each presentation is priced separately based on your specific requirements and therefore the amount of time and effort required on our part
  • However, very understandably you will want some idea
  • For a simple photo/music montage lasting 3-4 minutes, somewhere in the region of £75. For a specific photo-story based on particular song lyrics in the region of £125


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